Door Number 3

There is a point of intersection between art and technology and business.  This is the spot where Door Number 3 can be found.  Behind that door is an understanding of shape and color, content and typography.  Inside you will also find a keen understanding of the leading technologies that are driving today’s media market.  You won’t have to look around too long before you realize that all of this tactical experience is pinned together with a deep understanding of the strategies and practicalities necessary to create nimble businesses with far reaching vision and the ability to execute to a plan.  Go ahead.  Come see what’s behind Door Number 3.

The world of media and interactive design

Current Projects

  1. -VMCreative Consulting

  2. -QRdvark Interface Design

  3. -Art In Place

  4. -ShopBee Advisor

  5. -Gazette Communications: Newsroom Content Architecture

Pending Projects

Persis: Latent Social Interaction